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  1. Episode 01 - Getting The Semantics of Security Wrong
    During today's episode, I'll be addressing the dangers of getting the semantics of security wrong. So let's start by defining what security is and how most people perceive it. When many of us think of security, we envision locks and doors. We assume that's what security is. That's actually not true at all. In fact, those are tools which enable us to have security but they don't always make us better protected.

  2. Episode 02 - The Myth of Security
    During today's episode, I cover the major myths about security and the ramifications for ignoring them. We'll also explore Mubin Shaikh's book, Undercover Jihadi and close with an interview I conducted with Phil Harris, Founder/CEO of Geofeedia. For more information on how to purchase Mubin Shaikh's book, learn more about Geofeedia, and how you can participate in the discussion, go to https://www.thesecuritydialogue.org

  3. Episode 03 - Ferguson and Why It Matters To Security Professionals
    I decided to do an episode about Ferguson, its roots causes, and why it relevant to security practitioners. I also wanted to highlight how constructive discourse on matters of race and inequality should be a premier crime mitigation tool. I want this discussion to be constructive and open to various ideas and opinions.

  4. Episode 04 - Ferguson - Lessons Learned
    During today's podcast, I wanted to continue our discussion on Ferguson with some of the lessons we've learned since August. I focus a lot on some of the mistakes made by Ferguson PD during the early days of the protests. Some of those mistakes are still being made and they offer insight into how we, as security and law enforcement officers, can do better when responding to civil disturbances. Feel free to leave a comment on Twitter using the hashtag #FergusonLessons or visiting the blog at https://www.thesecuritydialogue.org.

  5. Episode 05 - Risk Management and Home Security
    In this episode, I cover the missing link to traditional home security advice - the risk management process. After a year or longer absence from blogging and podcast, I'm back to go over the three major components of the risk management process and how to conduct them.

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