Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VIDEO: SWAT-BOT: This Robot DESTROYS Barricades

I try not to get all mushy-gushy about law enforcement technology videos. Let's be honest - a great many are better known for their hype than their product delivery. Well I'm very encouraged by the SWAT-BOT. Howe and Howe Technologies created the product in coordination with the Massachusetts State Police and comes equipped with a collapsible ballistic shield, and a hardened AR400 steel nose shield to protect those in the line of fire. According to their site, "It serves as a robotic ballistic shield, door breacher and vehicle/debris remover when the environment is deemed unsafe." It has seen action in a variety of high profile SWAT deployments with MSP such as the Boston Marathon manhunt.

  • Collapsible for easy transport
  • Remote controlled platform
  • Integrated 5000lb winch
  • Integrated Class III receiver
  • Integrated ballistic vision blocks
  • Additional Options Available:
  • Integrated storage cage
  • Door entry ram
  • HD Video Optics
  • Designed to traverse the most rugged of terrain
  • Durability to withstand challenges other robots this size would not be able to endure
  • Constructed of A440f steel, aircraft grade aluminum , and high quality components
  • Start up of full robotic functions in 5 seconds, significantly lowering response times
  • 100% handcrafted in the USA and draws upon years of robotic research
  • Dimensions Stowed: 72” L x 41” W x 47” H
  • Dimensions Expanded: 72” L x 97” W x 80” H
  • Weight: 2290 lbs
  • Draw bar pull: 1270lbs on asphalt, 1040lbs on concrete
  • 25hp Diesel Engine
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Monday, April 29, 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Twacked! When good Twitter accounts go bad.

Given that we do so much communicating via social media about a variety of topics both personal and professional and the permanence of the content we post, it should be no surprise that those social media accounts are being sought out more and more by nefarious parties. The question is what are you doing to protect your account.

                             (click to enlarge)


Black Hat 2012: Jeff Bardin on Open Source Tools as Intelligence Resources by Tripwire, Inc.

Anthony Freed of Infosec Island interviews Jeff Bardin, Principal at Treadstone 71 about the value of open source tools as intelligence resources.

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