Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ladies and gents, I know its been extremely too long since I worte and I know I promised I would write more when I did. Unfortunately, my professional commitments have kept me from writing. Well, I'm back now. So why not start off talking about something pretty cool.

I've recently found a site called Identity Theft Today. What they cover in quite detail is the subject of the week in crime prevention - identity theft. "No kidding! I got that from the title, you moron!" That's fair. But it is a pretty cool website nonetheless. It covers the latest identity theft trends with current news as well as tip on how to prevent it and protect yourself and others from it.

I particularly like where they cover identity theft protection services such as LifeLock. While these services do provide some coverage should your data gets out. The onus, as we all know, is on the potential victim to take the most effective measures to ensure the least amount of personal information gets out.

We'll cover more on this topic in the coming weeks. I've had a bit of an education on this both as a victim and as a law enforcement officer and crime prevention professional.

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